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Lemme Mama Capsules product image

Lemme Mama Capsules

Prenatal Multivitamin for Mom & Baby – From $30

Lemme Glow Gummies product image

Lemme Glow Gummies

Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies – From $30

Lemme Debloat Gummies product image

Lemme Debloat Gummies

Daily Digestive Gummies – From $30

Lemme Purr Gummies product image

Lemme Purr Gummies

Vaginal Probiotic Gummies – From $30

Lemme Matcha Gummies product image

Lemme Matcha Gummies

Energy Metabolism Gummies – From $30

Lemme Focus Gummies product image

Lemme Focus Gummies

Concentration Gummies – From $30

Lemme Chill Gummies product image

Lemme Chill Gummies

De-Stress Gummies – From $30

Lemme Sleep Gummies product image

Lemme Sleep Gummies

Sleep Tight Gummies – From $30

Lemme Sea Moss Tincture product image

Lemme Sea Moss Tincture

Organic Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss Liquid Drops – From $25

Best Seller
Lemme Burn Capsules product image

Lemme Burn Capsules

Metabolism & Fat-Burning Capsules – From $40

Lemme Curb Capsules product image

Lemme Curb Capsules

Glucose & Cravings Support Capsules – From $40

Lemme PMS Tincture product image

Lemme PMS Tincture

Women’s Balance Liquid Drops – From $25

Lemme Purr Capsules product image

Lemme Purr Capsules

Vaginal Odor & pH Balance Probiotics – From $30

Lemme Debloat Capsules product image

Lemme Debloat Capsules

Digestive Probiotic & Multi-Enzyme Capsules – From $30

Lemme Curb Soft Chews product image

Lemme Curb Soft Chews

Cravings Support Soft Chews – From $30

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lemme get real results

The twist? So delicious you won't believe they're good for you.

Illustration of a hand holding a tube filled with liquid over a purple gummy

Expert formulated by doctors and nutritionists

Illustration of a magnifying glass focused on a hand holding a red gummy with a strawberry on top

Validated by 3rd party testing

Illustration of a mouth floating in clouds eating a purple gummy

Science-backed innovation

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Clinically-studied ingredients

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Thousands of 5-star testimonials ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️