The Best Time to Take Probiotics

The Best Time to Take Probiotics

The Best Time to Take Probiotics

Taking probiotics is an excellent way to support your digestive health and immune system as a whole. You can take probiotics daily to support a healthy gut, which can work to support your well-being as a whole, especially when you take your probiotics at the most ideal time. 

Keep reading to explore the potential benefits of probiotics and how you can incorporate this supplement into your life. 

When Should You Take Probiotics?

Taking probiotics at a particular time of day can help you maximize the benefits you may experience. Probiotics can provide a range of health benefits, like digestive support and immune function support, and taking them at the right time can help you make the most of what they’ve got to offer. That’s why it’s always important to follow the instructions on the label of your specific probiotic. 

Some strains of probiotic bacteria are best taken on an empty stomach to allow the good bacteria to pass through your stomach acid and arrive intact in your small intestine and large intestine where they can get to work. 

If your probiotic should be taken on an empty stomach, you can generally take your probiotics in the morning before eating breakfast or at night about two hours after your last meal.

However, other strains of probiotics work best when taken shortly before a meal. If your probiotic is recommended to be taken with food, you can generally take it up to 30 minutes before any meal.

You can take Lemme Debloat with or without food — whether you’re looking for a little extra digestive support overall, or you’ve just had a big meal and need just a little help keeping things moving smoothly.

How Often Should You Take Probiotics?

How often you take your probiotics may depend on a few factors, including the benefits you are hoping to see, how many colony forming units (CFU) your supplement contains, and its intended usage instructions.

Lemme Debloat contains 3 billion CFUs of two clinically studied strains of probiotics, and you can take two gummies each day to support a healthy gut. 

What Do Probiotics Do?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can help support balanced gut bacteria for a healthy digestive system. They’re available in many fermented foods and beverages, such as yogurt, kefir, sourdough bread, cottage cheese, tempeh, sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi. They're also available in capsules, powders, and gummies. 

Ultimately, probiotics help keep harmful bacteria in check and overall supporting digestive health (which also then supports immune function). By supporting your gut bacteria's balance between good and bad bacteria, probiotics help your digestive system to work as it should.

How Are Probiotics and Prebiotics Different? 

Probiotics and prebiotics serve the body exceptionally well when taken together. Probiotics use beneficial bacteria to balance your gut flora to influence proper digestion, and prebiotics provide the fiber needed to fuel the good bacteria. Lemme Debloat includes both so that you can experience even more significant benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Probiotics?

For many people, taking probiotics helps introduce valuable health benefits. But not all probiotic supplements are the same. Using clinically studied probiotics is the gold standard for seeing meaningful results. 

Keep reading to see the primary benefits you could experience from taking Lemme Debloat. 

Supports the Gut Microbiome

Lemme uses two clinically-studied probiotic strains: DE111 and Lacto-Spore. Both of these supply healthy bacteria in your gut flora to encourage proper functioning throughout your digestive system and support your gut microbiome.

Helps Ease Bloating

Supplying your digestive tract with the proper gut flora can help ease feelings of bloating and digestive discomfort that may arise after meals. 

Supports Digestion

Probiotics can help support your digestive system as it absorbs nutrients and discards waste. Probiotics can provide support to your gastrointestinal tract so you can feel your best even after eating a big meal.

Supports Immune System Health

Probiotics aren’t only great for a healthy gut but also excellent for overall immune support. Taking probiotics regularly can help ensure your immune system has what it needs to succeed — after all, around 70% of your immune system is actually located in your gut

The Bottom Line

Want to invest in yourself for better overall immune health and digestion? Taking Lemme Debloat is an easy, indulgent way to introduce high-quality probiotic bacteria to your system. Say goodbye to bloating and hello to support for your gut health with Lemme Debloat gummies. 


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