Matcha Benefits: Why Take It Daily

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Matcha Benefits: Why Take It Daily

Maintaining an element of peace in your life takes work. If you're like many, you're continually on-the-go at work, at home, or out with friends. This routine helps you take care of your to-do lists, but who is taking care of you?

Taking matcha is one way to experience overall wellness and balance, among many other benefits. Keep reading, and we'll talk about how taking matcha can elevate your days and contribute to your well-being.

What Is Matcha?

Maybe you've heard of matcha before, but you're not entirely sure what it is or why it’s so beneficial. Contrary to a world of trends, matcha is an age-old drink that people have enjoyed for centuries in Japan, Korea and other countries around the world.

Specifically, matcha is a powder that comes from ground-up whole green tea leaves. These tea plants (known formally as Camellia sinensis) are delicately grown in the shade, which causes them to produce more chlorophyll, giving the tea powder an intense green color.

Matcha is more potent than regular green tea because matcha leaves are ground into fine powder versus just being dried for steeping. This process uses the whole tea leaf and stem, which means you get more of the good stuff.

People often describe matcha as having an umami or earthy flavor. When mixed into drinks, many people choose to add sweeteners like sugar or honey to complement its unique taste.

Matcha has gained significant popularity in recent years. However, this fine tea powder has been making a name for itself in Japanese tea ceremonies as far back as the 7th century BC. It's the definition of tried-and-true.

Should I Take Matcha Daily?

Many people have daily habits that help them create a sense of purpose and calmness. For some, that's hiking or pilates. Others might prioritize a daily meditation practice and energizing breakfast to start their days.

Enjoying daily matcha can become a practice that helps you intentionally invest in your wellness. Plus, it's loaded with benefits that can help you feel your best throughout the day.

How Does Matcha Benefit Bodily Health?

What you put in your body can help you stay on top of your bodily health. You might be familiar with how vitamins and supplements can support your everyday bodily functions, mood, and energy. But did you know that there are more health benefits of matcha?

Let's look at the effects of green tea and see why matcha has earned its superfood status.

1. Contains Antioxidants Properties

One of the major ways matcha stands out are its antioxidant properties. To get a bit technical, matcha contains four phenolic catechins, which are the source of the tea’s rich antioxidant content. These potent polyphenol antioxidants may help support your body and immune system against free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

When unchecked, free radicals can run wild, causing problems with your health. Having some matcha each day can help support your body with abundant green tea antioxidants.

One of the most prominent catechins in matcha is epigallocatechin gallate, also called EGCG. This catechin not only has antioxidant properties but can also provide many other health benefits and support your general wellness.

2. Supports Energy Levels

What does your typical day look like? While you might start strong in the morning, maybe you find yourself exhausted in the afternoons when you still have so much left to accomplish in the day – and who needs that?

Sure, lots of people combat their fatigue with coffee. But for some, the jittery effects of caffeine just aren't worth it.

The key is to consider the amount of caffeine you're drinking. A triple-shot latte might have a caffeine content of 180 mg, whereas a serving of matcha contains around 30 to 50 mg of caffeine – even more than black tea.

Plus, matcha contains a game-changing amino acid called L-theanine, which helps stretch the energizing effects of matcha while providing a calming feeling. No jitters here.

3. May Support Enhanced Focus

Do you ever feel like your mind is constantly racing, and it's a challenge to stay present? You might have a thousand people tugging at you to get your attention. And unfortunately, it's not technologically possible to make a body double of yourself – yet.

Still, the harmonic balance of caffeine and L-theanine may help enhance your focus if consumed at the right dosage levels (for example, a few cups of matcha tea a day). Because of this, taking matcha or green tea extract is an excellent daily practice for those who want to stay present in their lives.

4. Promotes Relaxation

As we mentioned, sometimes having an energizing substance can lead to a burst of energy and a crash soon after. One of the benefits of matcha is L-theanine, which can help you feel relaxed and calm throughout the day.

Rather than spiking your energy like other caffeinated beverages, matcha is a powerful substance that can help you feel grounded, focused, and peaceful. The result is sustained and gentle relaxation that helps you feel balanced yet energetic.

5. Supports Healthy Metabolism

A properly functioning metabolism is an essential part of your overall well-being. For example, your metabolism can determine your energy level – which means it can even affect your motivation to hit the gym.

Drinking matcha before working out can support a healthy metabolism to help provide an enhanced sense of vitality and balance and power you through your workout. You deserve to feel capable, energetic, and strong each step of the way.

6. Supports Feelings of Well-Being

When combined with proper eating habits and lifestyle choices, matcha may help support overall feelings of well-being thanks to its L-theanine and antioxidant properties. If you’re looking for something to give you just a little bit of a boost, matcha can help you feel your best and perform your best.

How Can I Incorporate Matcha Into My Lifestyle?

Drinking a glass of matcha tea, matcha lemonade, matcha latte, or even a matcha smoothie is a daily grounding ritual for many, and now you know why. Here are a few common ways to enjoy matcha.

Hot Matcha Tea

Are you a hot tea drinker? If so, you can enjoy a cup of matcha tea made with hot water.

To make one yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Mix 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of high-quality matcha powder into a few ounces of hot water.
  2. Using a bamboo whisk, begin vigorously mixing the matcha and water to help the matcha blend evenly.
  3. Enjoy your quick sip of hot matcha.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Matcha Green Tea Latte

Enjoying matcha with plant-based milk is a popular choice, evidenced by the matcha lattes gracing the menus of many coffee shops.


If you want to try Kourtney’s cup of green tea with a vegan, creamy froth to it, you can follow these easy steps:


  1. Boil almond milk.
  2. Melt the matcha with a little boiling water.
  3. Add the matcha and the syrup in the milk and beat very well.
  4. Serve in a mug.

Matcha Lemonade

If you need a refreshing pick-me-up on a warm summer day, matcha lemonade is a delicious option that cools and energizes. To make this beverage, you can follow the initial steps of whisking your matcha into about an ounce of warm water. Then, add your matcha to a cold glass with ice and top your refresher with lemonade.

Matcha Gummies

Although these tasty recipes are great ways to enjoy sipping matcha, drinking matcha in beverage form isn't the only way to benefit from this well-loved ingredient. And when your schedule is full of to-do's, meetings, and other self-care habits, squeezing in that glass of matcha isn't always possible.

Taking a matcha gummy is another option that can help you experience the wonderful benefits of matcha daily. The great part is that there's no measuring or prep work needed. Simply pop one in your mouth to enjoy the flavor and benefits of green tea powder.

The Bottom Line

Investing in yourself doesn't always require a dramatic reset. Sometimes, adding one small habit to your days can make a bigger impact than you think.

Taking matcha is one habit that can help you create a sense of well-being in your world. From supporting energy levels to feeling your best, there are many reasons to make matcha a part of your day.


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Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Matcha Recipe

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